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Rob Gardner was born in 1967 in Long Beach, California. He signs his work “GARD” to pay tribute to Chris Cooper “Coop,” Keith Garvey “Garv” and Alberto Vargas “Varga” who are inspirations for his work in the digital and pin-up art fields.

Rob became aware of his talent as an artist when he lived in Hawaii, at the very young age of five. He would draw pictures of his favorite TV characters like the Six Million Dollar Man or the Hulk during class. This caught the notice of his kindergarten teacher who would often be looking over his shoulder while he conjured up his favorite television and movie characters.

Rob continued to draw portraits of famous faces that were favorites of his family, as well as renderings of his relatives. Some drawings were created to reflect images or talisman that inspire and/or had significance to the people he created them for. Many of those drawings hung in the family homes. As his talent became more honed and refined, the portraits he created were hung in other residences and business offices. He was commissioned on a regular basis to create art from old photos, famous faces, or iconic events.

Rob enjoys creating art of sporting events, super heroes, pin-up art, and personal, as well as celebrity, portraits. He has used a blend of various techniques over the years that evolved into the works of art he is now known for. He utilizes his creative thinking and artistic eye to enhance and add interest, depth, dimension, and brilliance to his subjects.

Rob took courses in graphic arts at Chabot College and related course work at Diablo Valley College in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also produced art work and logos for t-shirts, a semi-pro football team—the California Rhinos, softball leagues, and small businesses. Veteran actor Clint Walker commissioned Rob to draw a portrait of his character to hang above his fireplace. Rob’s work has also appeared in the San Francisco Bay Area art show, Pro Arts

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